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  • Home Foreclosure: It Doesn't Pay to Walk Away
    Popular media are making it seem like a tempting proposition. If you owe more on your home than it's worth, why keep throwing good money after bad?
  • How Much Help Will the Government Provide?
    How much assistance can homeowners in foreclosure expect from federal agencies?
  • Taking Responsibility
    The media, mortgage professionals, financial market insiders, and consumer advocates have been playing one huge game of "keep away" with the blame for the mortgage mayhem in the subprime and Alt-A markets.
  • Foreclosures Affect Us All. Learn About Proposed Laws In Your State.
    The spike in home foreclosures isn't just bad news for the poor sucker down the street who's losing his house–we're all poor suckers, but most of us don't know it yet.
  • HOA Extortion
    Foreclosure doesn't just happen to people who don't make their mortgage payments. Your homeowner's association (HOA) can take your house or condo if you're not careful.

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